Day 8: One Positive Thing at a Time

How did it go?

Today I tried to stay in a state of faith throughout the day. While it may not have made me “I’m so happy!” positive, it kept me grounded and focused. That isn’t to say nothing positive happened today.

I received an email regarding a magazine pitch I sent in last week, and the magazine will “consider” my article for publication. I just need to send it in by the second week of August. It took a lot for me to not squeal in my office. So, like a normal person, I went outside and did it. I am really excited about the opportunity, and, if anything comes of it, I will definitely let you know.

I have noticed it is still (a little) easier to get up in the morning. I’m still not perfect, I’m still not jumping excitedly out of bed every morning. But I’m no longer just angry about it. It no longer ruins my day.

I found an interesting article that offered some good ideas, and I thought I’d give them a try. So I took his “bucket” ideas and created my own, thinking about what matters to me in those categories. I’ve decided it’s something I’m going to work on (at least) weekly. Simply writing out those things seemed to empower me.

What did I learn?

My release is writing. When I deny myself that…well, it isn’t good. I can’t deny myself writing. I love it. It empowers me. It feels meaningful. I find value in the action of doing it and in sharing my writing with others. I don’t want to deny myself that any longer.

I realized I need to stay in communication with my faith throughout the day, but I don’t quite know how. I am hoping today—writing out prayers, small prayers throughout the day—will help me find how to make that steady connection. (And if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.)

I guess I neglected myself for a while. And when you neglect yourself, you can’t be there for anyone else. I need to take this time to get back in tune with me. I’m learning what that means.


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