A State of Brokenness

The other day, I started watching God’s Not Dead on Netflix. I had heard about it, I was familiar with the lead actor from Good Luck Charlie (hey, don’t judge), and I needed something to watch while I ran on the treadmill. I’m not usually one to watch movies based on religion, even though I am a Christian, simply because, as a writer, I need plot lines in my stories.

Although the movie does sort of lack the tying together of the plot at the end, there were a few scenes that really stuck out to me. I won’t ruin it for you, because I do think it’s worth the watch, so I won’t give away too many details. Basically, the lives of some of the characters in the story began to implode—breakups, disownment, etc.—and each one of them fell on their knees, whether literally or figuratively, and cried out to God.

One of the pastors of my church that works at the main campus in Texas came to my church campus and delivered a powerful message about two weeks ago. What stuck out to me from his message was the idea of staying in a state of brokenness. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Brokenness? If you’re Christian, shouldn’t God heal you? Yes, He does heal. But often times we see God most clearly when we are broken because we revert to our original state of seeking His love above all else.

So, these scenes physically represent, to me, the importance of being in a state of brokenness. Sometimes we have to fall to our knees to see Him more clearly and to see and accept His grace and mercy.

My husband and I have also discussed the importance of the state of brokenness. We both felt broken, albeit in different ways, while we were separated. Since being together again, we seem to have fallen into the same routine, and we realize we have to get out of it (at least I think we do). But how do you stay in a state of brokenness when the reason you felt broken in the first place is no longer present? Do you continue to remind yourself of that feeling? I think the answer, for myself anyway, is to remind myself that I adjusted during that time because of God. He was the one I turned to because I didn’t have anyone else.

We discussed in my women’s ministry group that so often we cry out to God during the hardest of times, but when times seem easy, we tell Him, “Oh, no, we got this. Thanks, though.” And that is a dangerous place to be. If we do not acknowledge Him in the times when we feel life is going great, then crying out to him when we are struggling is almost pointless. After all, life was great because of Him.

It is important that we fall to our knees to remind ourselves of where our grace comes from, where our help comes from, to remind ourselves that we need Him. So, what does “a state of brokenness” mean to you? And how can we stay in a state of brokenness?


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