The Time Finally Came

Yesterday was the day! Well, it was Family Day. When they allowed the families to go onto the field to find their soldier, I was so excited. I couldn’t see him at first, but then I spotted him—the person at the end of a row. I teasingly told the girl in front of me (who I am friends with after these months; don’t worry it wasn’t a random stranger) to “move, I see my husband.” I went right up to him and hugged him and started to cry into his shoulder. He hugged me like he wasn’t going to let go, and he kissed me.

All of the things I have felt the last few months just disappeared. How can you possibly be mad at the one you love when you finally get to see them and hold them again? He drug me around the field to meet some people, and it was nice to see who he had been spending his time with. They all really did look out for each other. I even saw the guy he will be training at OCS with, who he shipped out with, and gave him a hug.

The day was really nice. We explored base and talked. He told me some stories about his time there, and I told him my stories about school and work. It was just so great to finally get to talk with him. At the end of the day, we went back to his barracks so he could pack to leave today. The guy he shipped out with ended up being in his company and in his platoon, which I seriously think was a God thing. Anyway, that guy came up to me and wanted to tell me that my husband always made sure that everyone behaved so they wouldn’t lose their phone call privilege.

“I don’t think anyone was more excited to get their phone call than he was, and it was because he was calling you.”

I don’t know what prompted him to tell me, but I am glad he did. After everything we have been through, it was great to hear someone witness how excited my husband was to call me.

Today, though, is the BIG DAY: graduation. They get to wear their dress uniforms and all the companies in the regiment graduate together. Then they are allowed off post for the day. But here’s the best part: most of these guys are going to AIT right after, but not my husband because he starts OCS in his home state. So, he gets to come back with me! I will take him to the airport in Columbia so they can change his flight to fly out of Charleston tomorrow. We are going to try to get him on my flight, but if we can’t, at least one that departs and lands in Phoenix around the same time mine does.

I am just so thrilled he is done and coming home. I have my emotional moments still, and it doesn’t mean everything is perfect; we still have things to work on as a couple. But I love him, and I respect him, so we will work things out. Going home may be the toughest part because we have to get used to each other again. He has to get used to being in a home environment, and I’ll have to get used to it not just being me (though I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem doing that). I am a little afraid and nervous, and I think he might be too, but that’s okay. We can handle this.

I am just so thankful God has brought us this far. I am working on looking for God in everything, so I am sure yesterday and my husband and I’s ability to put some things behind us and talk was God given. I keep praying that we can both open up to each other and talk about what we need to without losing it entirely, and I know if we put our trust in Him, everything will work.


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