Getting Ready…

Today is my last day of teaching before spring break (which is next week)…because tomorrow I leave for South Carolina to see my husband! Needless to say, I am having a bit of a hard time focusing…

Midterm grades are finished, homework is finished (well, except for a Lit Review I have to submit tonight), and my heart is about to jump out of my chest! I cannot wait to see my husband again.

I got a call (for 15 minutes!) on Saturday. It made my entire day, and it was so great to talk with him. The first thing out of my mouth, apart from “hello,” was “Tell me you passed Victory Forge and everything else and can come home.”

There was a slight pause, and I said “I just want to know you passed and you can come home, then we can continue our conversation.”

He says, “Well, yeah, we marched back, and I made it.”

“Can you come home?”


“Yay! So how are you!?”

I think I took him off guard, but I needed to know he passed and can come home to me! He is excited to see me just as I am excited to see him. We have a lot of catching up to do, but we also have a lot to discuss. He promised time on our own to talk about a few things.

I am mentally preparing myself. I know being on a military base will be a little difficult for me emotionally, so I am going through all the scenarios in my mind and trying to keep my attitude in check, which can be hard for me.

I am also praying constantly for guidance. I know I cannot do this without God, and I will freely admit that. So I know I must pray and ask for His help. I’ve also continued to ask for healing.

My church is currently doing a series entitled “God Is…” and we have started by discussing His names. The last one last week was Jehovah Rapha, which means “the Lord that heals you.” I have needed emotional healing, and He reveals in this name that He can heal all things. So I have been asking for the healing of my heart. I have been much better since my discussion with my pastor a few weeks ago, but I know that the frustration, anger, sadness, all of the emotions I have felt are still there. Any time I find myself thinking a negative thought toward my husband or my marriage because of this experience, I write it down and give it to God. It is seriously amazing how much that helps. It feels like a weight is lifted every time I admit those feelings and admit that I need help. And if I admit I need healing and ask for it, He will heal. It is a wonderful thing, and I have already experienced it.

I am also praying for guidance as he transitions home. I know I will have to get used to having him around again, and he will have to get used to being home. I’m worried I won’t have the patience or that I’ll be frustrated by something he does. So I am praying for patience and guidance in that regard.

The weekend was busy with the packing, cleaning, and finishing homework and grading. I am glad, though, that it’s all done now. I am especially glad all my homework is already completed because it means I don’t have to worry about school while I am gone (I had assignments due Tuesday and Sunday, so I finished them early). I then have an entire week off for spring break, so my husband apparently has some romantic things planned for us. In one of his letters, there was something about getting up early with coffee and driving to the Grand Canyon to see the sunrise. The week should be interesting and full of surprises.

Anyway, I want to challenge you, my lovely readers, just the way my pastor challenged my church: if you have something that needs to be healed, ask Him for healing. You may be surprised by the results.


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