Just One More Week…

Today marks 1 week until Family Day, just one week until I see my husband again. Of course I am excited. I’m finishing up homework this week, grading, and I’m already starting to plan what I want to pack.

I have gotten a few letters from him since it was time to stop sending mail. He misses home.

I also got a phone call on Saturday. He passed his PT test, so he got a 10 minute phone call. We don’t talk much on the phone as it is, so there were brief moments where I wasn’t sure what to say. But it was great to hear his voice. He started to cry a bit, which made me tear up, and I joked with him that he couldn’t cry because I’ve been good the past week, and I don’t want to cry again. It got a chuckle out of him, so that made me happy.

This week has been a bit emotional, though. I misread the standards for when families are there, and I thought they said we can’t hold hands with our spouses while they are in uniform, so I cried for a little bit, just upset at the whole thing. But I went back and reread it, and we can hold our spouse’s hand, so that made it all better. I’m just looking forward to being back home and not having to obey anyone’s rules but our own.

It looks like it might rain when I am there, which sort of sucks. But I am confident I can still look grown up and pretty and impress my husband.

They are currently out in the field (until tomorrow). I am just hoping I get another letter (or a few) the next few days to get me through.

With only one week to go, I am anxious and ready. I even planned dinner reservations for the night we stay in Phoenix. The reservation is at the restaurant he wanted to go to, so I hope he is okay with it. I just can’t wait to see him and tell him the plans.

I’m praying that the time flies even quicker and that God gives me the strength to complete all my assignments and grading that need to be done before I leave.

There’s a lot more to say over the course of the next week, so I have many more things to jot down. I can guarantee you’ll hear from me again soon.


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