Two Weeks Left To Go…

As of today, there are 2 weeks left; 2 weeks until Family Day, 2 weeks until I get to see my wonderful husband again! I am really excited. They get their hair cut again before graduation, so, yes, he will be (practically) bald when I see him. I do not understand the need to cut the guys’ hair; it’s not like it really grows out that quickly!

Anyway, family members that have completed a certain Army family training module are allowed to send in pictures for a slideshow for the soldiers at a special event only for the soldiers before graduation. Well, I completed that training just to send in photos. So, I sent in the photos today: one is my mom with a sign saying “Congrats Spc. Pallat” and one is me with a sign saying “I can’t wait to see you! I love you. I respect you.” One of my fellow GTAs was nice enough to take the picture for me today, for which I thank her a whole bunch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get mail from him today, but I got 2 letters from him yesterday. Tomorrow is mail stop. I am hoping to continue to get mail from him until the week before I leave (next week). I am currently working on a (very long) letter to him to send off in the morning.

Today has also been a bit of an emotional day. There was a point today, not unlike most days, where I really wish he were here because he would hug me and kiss my head and tell me it will be okay. But I called mommy and, even though I told her just that, she, like always, did a good job of helping me through my difficulty. I just wish I could have heard my husband’s voice.

The last few months have been hard, but the last few weeks seem even harder. Maybe it’s because I know it is so close and we have plans and I’m counting down. Either way, I am ready for him to be home.

Two weeks cannot come quick enough.


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