Letters Galore

Today I received 5 letters from my husband. Sometimes I get the feeling the postal service just likes to make me wait. I literally jogged back to the apartment from the mailbox (as best I could in the snow anyway). He told me he already has our first day home planned. This involves getting up early, coffee, and a sunrise breakfast at the Grand Canyon (which is only about an hour from us). I can see it in my head, and it seems so romantic. He promised not to tell me anything else since I love surprises.

I’ll get up early to do whatever he wants. I won’t take those hours for granted anymore. I have learned a lot, and one of those things is to truly enjoy the time I have with him. Not that I didn’t before, mind you, I just see it in a new light now.

Anyway, it gives me something to look forward to. I now have a bit more to envision to take my mind off the timing. I am still trying to plan some level of surprise for him when he is home, though. Any suggestions? I’m currently thinking of getting a “Welcome Home” banner for the front area. What do you think?

Wednesday marks 2 weeks, and I wish the time would go by faster. But I have a lot of homework to do, from online discussions to a class research project, and I know there’s grading that needs to be done too. But how am I supposed to focus on any of that when I am just so excited to see my husband again?

So, to stay focused, I am making sure I keep the apartment clean. I am (and have been) going to church and women’s ministry. I am doing the homework that needs to be done (the grading is another matter). I am counting down the days.

Right now, I know that each morning I wake up is one day closer to seeing him again.


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