The Countdown Has Begun…

The countdown to homecoming has begun. Today marks 3 weeks until Family Day, 3 weeks until I see my wonderful husband again. Yes, I am counting down. I even have a chalkboard I’ve been writing the number of days on (not every day, but every so often). And every Wednesday on my whiteboard calendar has a number (today is 3, next week is 2) to countdown the weeks. I am, obviously, very excited.

It has not been easy. I think I have cried more the last month than I did when I left home for college. For a while there it felt like it was getting easier, like I was getting used to him being gone. The last week or so, though, has felt much more difficult, like I’m back at square one. Maybe it’s because I am so anxious and ready to see him.

I have a lot of homework and house work to do before I see him again, though. Looking at my syllabi really puts the time into perspective—it feels long, but it really isn’t. So I have to really crack down and get to completing all the work I have ahead of me. But I am having problems focusing because all I can think about is the trip, and our plans, and letters…my brain is not all together. I am hoping that when he comes home, that will be fixed.

In one of the last letters I got from him, he said he wants to make it up to me and he is trying to plan the entire first week we are back together. I have to admit that is getting me through right now. I love surprises, so I am really excited to find out what he has planned or what he wants to do. Just as he told me that, there, I am his home and what drives him to finish the task ahead of him, he is what drives me to do well in school and finish what I need to so I may devote my time and attention to him when I see him again.

I reread his letters every night, and I listen to the message he left on my phone when he got his phone call. They make me feel better. So does writing.

And that’s the thing: I can never wait for an opportunity to write him. Every time I look in our mailbox, I hope to see mail from him. It really makes my day. But mail is slow, and he is busy. And next week the mail stops, on the 26th to be exact. It’s 2 weeks before the graduation. I think that 2 weeks without mail is going to make the time seem even longer.

I think I am doing a fairly decent job of holding it together. But we will see what the next week brings.

Keep your faith.


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