Nutshell of a Life

Well, school started last week. Not just any school, either. Graduate School. I began my 2-year long stint as a graduate student on August 25th. Not only am I a student with classes and homework to do, I am also teaching two one hundred level public speaking courses three days a week. Luckily my two face-to-face courses (the ones I am a student in) are each only one day a week, and I have one online course.

But that all means I have been quite busy, even for the beginning of the semester. Heck, even for the beginning of the second week. Thankfully, my university has 3-day weekends for holidays, so we had Labor Day off.

My birthday was Monday as well, so my mom flew in on Friday to visit. She helped us organize our apartment, and our place now looks amazing—organized, clean…big. I even have a small workspace now, which I have already used and am very happy to have.

The teaching is going well (I think), but I am at a loss as to how to get students to participate, ask or answer questions, or discuss in one of the classes. I work questions into my lecture, but I am not having too much luck. Any ideas? I really want my position to go well.

My volunteer work is going splendidly as well. I just wish I could get over to the cats more often, but it’s out of town and not feasible every weekend when I have homework to do and lectures to write. The last time my husband and I visited, it took him saying “no” multiple times and all my strength to not bring home a young long-haired tabby. He was so adorable, but we can’t have a third cat—we can’t afford it and our lease doesn’t allow it.

Things have settled down a bit in our lives, but we are still dealing with some personal matters. We have found a great church here, and we love going on Sundays. It is uplifting and fun and the music is loud and contemporary. We are also going to start going to their Men’s and Women’s small groups this weekend and possibly going to their Discover class to discover more about the church. We are very excited to grow in our faith together. It is a big step, but it is so important.

I am struggling with writing frequently, but I suppose that happens to a busy mind. I have been writing some free-form prose and poetry lately. I am not sure if it is blog appropriate, but I do want to post them. What do you think? Is free writing appropriate for a blog?

I should really work on keeping a theme or topic together, but my mind goes a thousand different directions. Any ideas for topics or themes? I am always open to ideas.

That is my life in a nutshell right now. I suppose it is time for me to get back to my homework and lecture creating.

Always stay positive.