The Busy Life of Starting a New Life

I am so very sorry I haven’t updated in so long! Things have been busy here lately. We have settled into our new apartment in Flagstaff and are getting things organized. With more space it’s been easy to unpack, but a little harder to figure out where things should go and how things should look. So we are looking into organization ideas for apartments. Any ideas?

Also, we recently got back from our vacation to Disney World. It was a joint graduation/anniversary present to us both from my mom. She also came back to Flagstaff with us after the trip to be with us for a few days so she could see the apartment and the area.

Our celebrated our second year anniversary at an amazing (and fancy!) restaraunt called Victoria and Albert’s in the Grand Floridian Resort. It was full 8 course meal, with each course small but satisfying.  You choose one thing from each section in the menu. In between, they bring you 3 types of fresh baked bread from the chef and butter created to go with that specific bread. Afterwards, they bring coffee if you desire. It is so hard to describe; I can relive it all in my head, but it is difficult to share every detail. Perhaps the best way to remember it is to keep it in my mind, though. All in all, it was absolutely lovely. Who would have ever thought you could find that experience in a place like Disney World?

It was nice being on vacation, especially in The Happiest Place on Earth (I absolutely LOVE Disney), and it was nice to have my mom visit for a few days (she even bought us groceries and patio furniture!). After the sun and rain in Florida, and my mom moving things my poor husband didn’t want her to move (as much as we appreciated all she had done), we needed a vacation from the vacation. So the last week has been about relaxing really.

Just before we left, I was offered a Graduate Teaching Assistantship teaching Public Speaking at my university, which I have accepted. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the offer since I was told the GTA positions had been given to the second year students. This position not only gives me a stipend and a paycheck every two weeks, but it also pays my tuition. This means I will have little to no Graduate School debt when I graduate. I could even get health insurance if I wanted to (although I declined because I am still on my mom’s). I will be working 20 hours a week, but the benefits far outweigh any reservations I have about teaching and keeping up with my own studies. The really cool things is: I am fairly certain I am the only first year in my program with a GTA. How cool would that look on my resume, eh?

On top of the GTA position, I have also been working as an inter with a partnership for a local watershed since June. It is a non-profit concerned with making the public concerned about the water resources in the Verde River. It is only for 3 months, but I am feeling confident about the work so far.

I didn’t get the original job I interviewed for, but I think this why. I think God had far bigger plans for me than a part-time desk job. He knows what is good for me and where I need to be. He provides all I need. I have to trust in Him. Sometimes that is the hardest part, especially when you can’t see into the future and you so desperately want to.

My husband is still waiting to hear back from interviews, but I know God has big plans for him too. I just have to remind my hubby that he has to have a bit of faith.

In addition to jobs, I have also taken on some volunteer work for a local cat shelter, The Ark Cat Sanctuary. I will be beginning some online media things (such as a blog) for it soon, so keep a look out if you love cats.

I really think things are looking up.  I have to remind myself to have faith that God will continue to do amazing things for both my husband and myself. I have to trust that He will help us make the right decisions for our small family. I have to trust that he will point us both in the directions He needs us to go.

I hope summer is treating everyone else well. I am going to make a (more) serious attempt to update more frequently, so I am sure you will hear from me again soon. Until then, stay safe and have faith.